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4 Sports will seek to minimise the possibility of adverse effects curtailing your playing career

Career threatening injury, dietary matters, non contract renewal, new manager, divorce, children, crime, libel, invasions of privacy, personal security, financial problems and lifestyle issues could have a major adverse effect on your playing career and life. 


Code:4 Sports will conduct a comprehensive risk audit which will seek to identify some of the key possible impacts on your career. 


Code:4 Sports will summarise the results and discuss the implementation of a risk management programme which will set out the steps you can take to 

reduce or eliminate these risks. 


Code:4 Sports will establish a dedicated crisis management team (aided by appropriate members of our third party specialist network where needed 

i.e legal, health, counsellors, football mentors and PR).    

The team will develop a personal crisis response plan enabling you to focus on your game safe in the knowledge that you are being looked after. The team will meet within 24 hours of a crisis occurring to discuss the implementation of the following: 

  1. Urgent assembly of facts 

  2. Implementation of crisis response plan 

  3. Draft PR/Media statement/pro-active media plan 

  4. Liaison with regulatory bodies/unions (eg FA, Premier League, FIFA, PFA, Sport England, WADA, RFU, IRB, PGA etc) 

  5. Liaison with sponsors 

  6. Liaison with Club and manager 

  7. Support for family 

  8. Inform insurers 

  9. Resolution of crisis

With Code:4 Sports you are in safe hands 

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